Welcome to my blog. I am Jacklyn Ho, a nineteen-year-old, attending Towson University. I grew up in Middletown Maryland, a small rural town in Frederick County. I am the type of person that will wear heels and false eyelashes in the grocery store. In my free time, I am either spending hours applying makeup, blending various eyeshadows, spending time with my friends and family, or going out for lunch and shopping. One activity that I have a love-hate relationship with is spending my money on makeup. The packaging of products and advertisements pull me and my debit card into the store.

Ideally, I want to major in mass communications with a track in advertising, and minor in marketing. In the future, my dream is to work for a luxury makeup brand, such as Too Faced or Urban Decay. I aspire to work in advertising for a brand of makeup. Helping to create advertisements in magazines or emails, and helping to create advertisement campaigns for a new product seems like a job that I would be passionate about. I want to take less general education classes and more classes that are mass communications related. I am eager to learn about mass communications, and advertising.  In grade school and throughout high school, I received “Character Counts Awards” which rewarded students for showing good character. In middle and high school, I received honor roll on almost all of my report cards.

Two years ago, during my junior year in high school, I volunteered for The Arc of Frederick County. The program was for students with developmental disabilities. It was designed for the students whose parents were unable to pick the up after school. We would play games with them, have a snack, and do various physical activities. The entire experience taught me a lot. I developed patience, a skill I greatly lacked. It also taught me to be more accepting, because of the different personalities in the group of students. During my senior year, I worked at a retail store in Frederick. First as a sales associate, then I moved up to a being a key holder. For me, this was a big deal because I was still in high school and got to oversee and manage people who were older than me. It was a lot of responsibility but I managed my time well and balanced work and school.

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